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By early Amazon exec & author of the best selling leadership book The Amazon Way

Big Bet Leadership releasing in early 2024

John Rossman is a former Amazon Executive, Best-Selling Author, and Leading Innovation Speaker.

He was responsible for launching and scaling the Amazon marketplace business, which now accounts for over 50% of all units sold and shipped at Amazon. His innovation and curiosity to dive into business problems and customer needs have made him a sought-after advisor and consultant across industry vertices on innovation, digital strategy, and culture. Working with fortune 100 companies and others, including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, T-Mobile, Fidelity Investments, Novartis, and Chick-Fil-A, his insights have provided the foundation companies need to compete in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

He has written 3 best selling books: The Amazon Way: Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles, Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader, and The Amazon Way on IoT: Principles for Every Leader from the World’s Leading Internet of Things Strategies.

His 4th book, Big Bet Leadership: Your Transformation Playbook for Winning in the Hyper-Digital Era releases in early 2024


John Rossman
Digital and Innovation Keynote Speaker
Author | Advisor | Founder

Signature Innovation & Leadership Keynotes

Bold Moves & Winning in the Age of AI 
–How You Become a Big Bet Legend

BIG BETS happen at all levels in a company – the enterprise, division, product, program, and team. BIG BETS are the initiatives and plans we think will deliver lasting impact, but there is significant risk as these are complex strategies and plans. They are a “bet.” 

BIG BETS goes by many names, like digital transformations, new business models, innovation programs, and strategic initiatives.  Over 80% of all BIG BETS fail to deliver on time, on a budget, or deliver the expected business impact. Some seem to never end. This leaves leadership wary of trying more bets and risk being left behind in a rapidly changing industry. 

Based on research and 35 years of delivering BIG BETS to Fortune 100 companies, John Rossman gives you a playbook for Thinking in Outcomes to succeed at your BIG BETS. Based on his forthcoming book Big Bet Leadership: Your Transformation Playbook for Winning in the Hyper-Digital Era

Leaving Your Audience with:

      • Understand the synergy between bold moves and AI
      • Analyzing real-world applications and success stories
      • Equipping leaders with actionable strategies for the AI era

Leadership and Culture for Growth & Innovation – The Amazon Way

Leadership is a skill. Culture is the default standard defining how we work together. So, how can you build on your leadership and culture to drive systematic growth & innovation? Based on the best-selling The Amazon Way: Amazon’s Leadership Principles, Rossman outlines a set of strategies and tactics, giving a playbook for any industry or situation to make small changes resulting in significant impact.

Customer centricity, metrics, and operational excellence, a system for innovation, Amazon’s “working backward” methodology, disagree but commit, and delivering hard results are just some of the leadership playbooks with habits to reinforce and create change.

Leaving Your Audience with:

      • A series of actionable lessons on leadership for driving improvements and innovation
      • Confidence in how to work together to achieve hard results despite setbacks
      • Motivation for a customer-centric mindset leading to business improvements and agile development for growth

Your Playbook for Disruptive Technologies

Discover how to lead a reengineering of your business by harnessing the power of ChatGPT, generative AI and other disruptive technologies. This keynote presents a strategic leadership playbook designed to guide leaders through the process of digital transformation and business reinvention, positioning their organization for long-term success.The power and impact of ChatGPT, generative AI, computer vision, the internet of things and other disruptive technologies is awesome, and a bit scary. How do leaders create the thinking, environment, and management structures to understand, create business value, and lead their teams to embrace the technology and the changes that are coming?

Leaving Your Audience with:

      • A new understanding of disruptive technologies and their impact
      • A framework for Thinking Big…but proceeding with a test & learn approach
      • Actions for envisioning, prioritizing, and integrating these technologies to benefit your business and team
      • Inspiration and a playbook for bold leadership by Thinking in Outcomes

Think Like Amazon…
What’s the Future of Your Industry?

Is your company ready to create the future of your company and industry? Leaders who want to drive innovation must ask this while challenging conventional thinking if they want to have a future in their industry.  But what are the right questions to ask to create that future? How do we develop our strategy? How can we anticipate industry disruption, and how we adapt? 

Former Amazon Executive John Rossman was a key leader in launching and scaling the third-party platform which today accounts for over 50% of Amazon’s business, leading to fundamental disruption to the retail industry. By leveraging many of the ideas from Think Like Amazon, Rossman provides principles and strategies which drove Amazon and can drive your industry’s future. He will challenge your team and provide them with strategies, tools, and questions to help you begin creating your company’s future.

Leaving Your Audience with:

      • Perspectives on “How would Jeff think” in disrupting your industry from a customer-centric strategy
      • Tools to THINK BIG but bet small in an agile manner for innovation. 
      • Examples of existing friction to challenge the audience in recognizing opportunities

Reinventing Healthcare & Insurance Through Customer Centricity, Innovation & Leadership — The Amazon Way

The US healthcare industry is almost 20% of GDP, but what might the future of healthcare become? What can we predict out of Amazon’s healthcare strategy? And how can we adapt to change while improving patient outcomes the employee experience and growing your business?

The answer is leadership built for the challenge of driving excellence and simultaneously delivering innovation. John delivers a healthcare leadership playbook built to deliver a clear strategy, effectively drive change, and become a world-class operator while being a systematic innovator. 

Your healthcare leadership team will be inspired to become a more strategic thinker with tools to help your plan for the future in healthcare.

Leaving Your Audience with

      • A framework and flywheel for anticipating industry change
      • Confidence and tools to innovate and rapidly drive improvements
      • Optimism and techniques to collectively assess, define and iterate to improvements

“The audience LOVED your presentation and they took away many key learnings that they hope can be applied moving forward.”



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