Leadership for Bold Moves & the Hyper-Digital Era

Powerful Innovation Keynotes Tailored for Your Audience

Your business deserves leadership that is both transformational and actionable. John Rossman, a renowned innovation keynote speaker, delivers keynotes crafted to empower your company’s culture, challenge the status quo and catalyze growth.

Leveraging profound insights from leading the launch of the Amazon Marketplace, senior advisory roles with the Gates Foundation and T-Mobile, John Rossman brings a unique blend of Amazon leadership principles and cutting-edge strategies and frameworks from his best-selling books, The Amazon Way and Big Bet Leadership.

Ready to elevate your leadership impact?

Leadership for Bold Moves
& the Hyper-Digital Era

Powerful Innovation Keynotes Tailored for Your Audience

Your business deserves leadership that is both transformational and actionable. John Rossman, a renowned innovation keynote speaker, delivers keynotes crafted to empower your company’s culture, challenge the status quo and catalyze growth.

Leveraging profound insights from leading the launch of the Amazon Marketplace, senior advisory roles with the Gates Foundation and T-Mobile, John Rossman brings a unique blend of Amazon leadership principles and cutting-edge strategies and frameworks from his best-selling books, The Amazon Way and Big Bet Leadership.+

Ready to elevate your leadership impact?

John is a former Amazon Executive, Advisor to the Gates Foundation & T-Mobile, 4x Best-Selling Author, and Leading Innovation Speaker.

John Rossman stands as a formidable figure in the realm of innovation keynote speaking. As a former Amazon executive, he was instrumental in the inception and expansion of the Amazon Marketplace. His vast experience also includes serving as a Senior Technology Advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a Senior Innovation Advisor at T-Mobile.

Rossman possesses an extraordinary breadth of expertise, encompassing leadership for innovation, strategies for artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies, and the cultivation of high-performance teams and cultures. His career is further highlighted by his authorship of four best-selling books, including The Amazon Way, Think Like Amazon and Big Bet Leadership, which delve into Amazon leadership principles, operating models and culture for accountable teams, continuous improvement, customer centricity and the ability to transform as a an AI-driven enterprise with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Through his engaging keynote speeches and interactive workshops, John empowers organizations to implement effective leadership strategies, foster dynamic team cultures, achieve business objectives, and deploy actionable playbooks. His areas of specialization include digital transformation, artificial intelligence, innovation, and leading high-performance teams.


John Rossman
Digital and Innovation Keynote Speaker
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Signature Keynotes on Innovation, Leadership, and Digital Transformation


Innovation Keynote: Winning with Artificial Intelligence in the Hyper-Digital Era

John Rossman’s latest innovation keynote, “Winning with Artificial Intelligence in the Hyper-Digital Era,” delves into AI’s transformative potential and how it empowers leaders to drive organizational change through strategic innovation.

Rossman foresees a hyper-digital era where artificial intelligence reshapes industries and economies. He illustrates how AI serves as a catalyst for unprecedented efficiencies and capabilities, driving operational agility with informed decision-making.

In this innovation keynote, Rossman introduces actionable frameworks for embedding AI within core business strategies, emphasizing methodologies to identify opportunities, optimize data architecture, and foster a culture of digital innovation. The focus on “Strategic Innovation Execution” highlights how AI can enable breakthrough business models that redefine marketplaces.

The keynote addresses practical execution of AI strategies across diverse contexts, from integration hurdles to ethical considerations. Leveraging case studies, Rossman offers insights on harnessing AI’s potential responsibly and effectively for long-term success.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Strategic Roadmaps: Methodologies for integrating AI that align with specific business models and market dynamics.
  • Innovation Playbook: Insights into digital transformation with AI, turning technological advancements into market-leading innovations.
  • Cultural Transformation: Guidelines for nurturing an organizational culture that embraces AI and drives sustained innovation.
  • Ethical Compass: Understanding of the ethical implications of AI and strategies for proactive management.
  • Competitive Edge: Tools and case studies illustrating how to leverage AI for sustainable competitive advantage in the hyper-digital era.

Rossman’s expertise in Big Bet Leadership and Amazon Leadership Principles makes his leadership keynote speaking sessions indispensable for organizations aiming to excel in digital transformation.


    Innovation and Leadership – The Amazon Way

    John Rossman offers an intellectually stimulating exploration of the leadership and cultural frameworks that make Amazon a beacon of innovation and audacious corporate strategy. His presentation amalgamates insights from his renowned books, creating a comprehensive guide for nurturing a culture that not only embraces but also propels innovation.

    Rossman begins by dissecting the core tenets of Amazon’s leadership philosophy, as elaborated in “The Amazon Way.” He elucidates how these amazon leadership principles are designed to foster high standards, ownership, and an unwavering focus on customer outcomes. These aren’t merely theoretical constructs but practical tools used daily by Amazon leaders to drive decisions and inspire teams. Attendees will grasp how to apply these principles to build a leadership environment that champions bold thinking and meticulous execution.

    Further, Rossman delves into “Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader,” offering actionable strategies for embedding continuous innovation into your organization’s DNA. He underscores the significance of iterative innovation cycles and a propensity for experimentation as means to disrupt industry norms and enhance service delivery. Through vivid anecdotes and empirical evidence, Rossman demonstrates the transformative potential of a digital-first approach and leveraging technology to scale solutions.

    The keynote reaches its crescendo with insights from “Big Bet Leadership.” Here, Rossman articulates the necessity of making and managing big bets to steer organizations towards future growth opportunities. He addresses the strategic imperatives of such decisions, the intricacies of risk management, and how to foster a culture that supports bold moves. Audience members will depart with a cogent understanding of melding leadership, culture, and innovation practices to lead their industries fearlessly into the future.

    Leaving Your Audience with:

    • Understand Amazon’s Leadership Principles: Learn from Amazon’s core leadership principles to enhance decision-making and cultivate a high-performing team culture.
    • Cultivate a Culture of Innovation: Adopt strategies to embed a continuous innovation cycle within your organization, driving efficiency and competitiveness.
    • Customer-First Mindset: Use a customer-centric approach to transform business processes, enabling scalability and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Risk Management in Bold Decisions: Understand how to strategically manage and mitigate risks when making and implementing big bets.
    • Championing Bold Leadership: Develop a leadership style that encourages bold thinking and decisive action to navigate and lead through industry disruptions

    Lessons from the Launch of the Amazon Marketplace Business — How You Become a Big Bet Legend in Your Industry

    In 2002, Amazon was on the brink of failure, with stock prices plummeting and the media dubbing it “Amazon.toast”. Despite these hurdles, Jeff Bezos had an ambitious vision to create “the everything store”. He needed innovative leadership and a transformative model. That’s when Amazon hired John Rossman to lead and scale the Amazon Marketplace, which now accounts for 60% of all units sold at Amazon.

    This innovation keynote narrates the creation of Amazon Marketplace and imparts invaluable lessons that today’s business leaders can apply.

    Combining insights from The Amazon Way, Think Like Amazon, and Big Bet Leadership, Rossman delivers an engaging and thought-provoking discussion that reshapes your leadership approach and organizational culture.

    Whether your organization is undergoing transformation, repositioning, or pursuing growth strategies, learning from the business that revolutionized retail, logistics, and beyond is indispensable. John Rossman, who documented these pioneering efforts, shares his story in this compelling innovation keynote.

    The keynote begins with a captivating video highlighting Amazon’s challenging circumstances in 2002. It then introduces proven Amazon leadership principles and strategies for driving transformational change.

    Learn about true customer obsession, how to identify and eliminate friction points, why “metrics” should be actionable, the secret behind Amazon’s innovation process, overcoming setbacks, and much more.

    Leaving Your Audience with:

    • Visionary Leadership Insight: Understand how Amazon evolved from a struggling bookseller to “the everything store” and a digital era giant.
    • Scaling Innovation: Explore strategies used in scaling the Amazon Marketplace.
    • Change Frameworks: Apply frameworks from “The Amazon Way,” “Think Like Amazon,” and “Big Bet Leadership” to spearhead organizational transformations.
    • Durable Leadership Principles: Grasp resilient leadership principles that steered Amazon from adversity to industry dominance.
    • Cultural Impact: Learn how to cultivate a culture of customer centricity, innovation, and accountability within your own organization.

      Think Like Amazon — What’s the Future of Your Industry and Ecosystem?

      This presentation is tailored to business leaders and investors interested in forecasting and creating the future of their industry.

      Drawing from his extensive experience at Amazon, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, T-Mobile, and dozens of client strategy engagements, Rossman explores critical components and mega-forces leading to change. Attendees gain exclusive insights into applying these methodologies to their strategies, accelerating growth and enhancing competitiveness in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace.

      Rossman’s discussion extends beyond replicating tactics; he encourages a paradigm shift in thinking. Attendees will explore the ‘thinking in outcomes’ approach, outlining practical steps for conducting scenario planning. This keynote segment is designed to provoke thought, spur innovation, and drive home the importance of a customer-centric approach coupled with robust thought experiments. 

      Concluding with a forward-looking perspective, Rossman guides the audience through scenario-planning exercises to predict and react to future industry trends and challenges. This proactive approach prepares leaders to navigate their businesses through potential disruptions and equips them to play a pivotal role in shaping their respective ecosystems. Participants will leave with a clear set of principles and techniques that, when implemented, can transform their organizations into agile, forward-thinking competitors ready to thrive in the future digital landscape.

      Leaving Your Audience with:

      • Adopt Amazon’s Strategic Mindset: Embrace continuous innovation and customer obsession to redefine industry standards and enhance business growth.
      • Practical Innovation Strategies: Understand how to “think in bets” by solving wicked problems.
      • Future-Proof Your Business: Utilize scenario planning to anticipate and effectively respond to dynamic market changes.
      • Cultural Transformation: Foster a culture that supports customer centricity, agility, resilience, and constant learning to thrive in the digital era.

        Championship Habits: Culture & Tactics for High-Performance Teams

        Inspired by both professional and personal experiences, John Rossman introduces “Championship Habits” in this engaging innovation keynote. It explores critical practices that set high-performing teams apart. Delving into these habits, Rossman elucidates how they can systematically enhance team performance and drive organizational success.

        Fostering Excellence & Customer Obsession

        Rossman emphasizes that a robust, dynamic culture is the bedrock of any high-performing team, one that prioritizes excellence, continuous improvement, and customer obsession—a core element in Amazon leadership principles. He stresses the importance of clarity and alignment around shared goals, proactive leadership, and effective feedback in nurturing accountability and transparency. His keynote offers practical strategies for embedding these values deeply within teams to ensure empowerment and alignment with overarching objectives.

        Executing Championship Habits Tactically

        From cultural principles to tactical execution, Rossman dives into specific methods exemplifying Championship Habits. These include setting rigorous performance standards, leveraging metrics for operational excellence, and high-velocity decision-making—integral to Big Bet Leadership. Using real-world examples from Amazon and other industry leaders, he demonstrates how these tactics are applied in daily operations to enhance agility and effectiveness.

        This leadership keynote speaking session redefines the concept of building high-performing teams, providing attendees with a practical framework for a winning game plan. Participants will leave with actionable insights to transform their team’s culture, execute high-level tactics, and adopt an adaptable approach yielding superior results consistently.

        Key Takeaways for Your Audience

        • Empowered Team Dynamics: Strategies to foster a culture of excellence and accountability that empowers teams to achieve their highest potential.
        • Practical Execution Tactics: Actionable methods for applying Championship Habits in everyday operations and decision-making processes.
        • Sustainable Performance Frameworks: Insights on building resilient systems that maintain high performance amid changing markets and challenges.

        Winning Game Plan Methodology: A comprehensive blueprint for creating and sustaining dynamic teams capable of executing and innovating under any conditions.


          Revolutionizing Healthcare & Insurance with Innovation Keynote Insights – The Amazon Way

          Rossman provides a transformative roadmap for the healthcare and insurance sectors through relentless customer centricity, robust innovation, and strategic leadership.

          Leveraging Amazon’s customer-centric principles, Rossman demonstrates how these methodologies can be adapted to healthcare and insurance to significantly enhance service delivery, patient and client satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Through case studies and strategies from “The Amazon Way”, he illustrates how these principles can be applied to streamline processes, improve interactions at every touchpoint, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

          Expanding on “Think Like Amazon,” Rossman delves into the ’50 1/2 ideas’ critical for digital transformation in healthcare and insurance. By embracing a digital-first mindset and integrating advanced technologies like AI and big data analytics, he shows how to create innovative, scalable solutions tailored to user needs. Rossman encourages industry leaders to rethink legacy systems, fostering a culture of innovation.

          In his keynote, Rossman shares insights from “Big Bet Leadership,” emphasizing the importance of calculated bold moves to lead disruptive change effectively. He discusses how Amazon’s leadership principles can spearhead reform in healthcare and insurance sectors. Audience members will depart equipped with a blueprint for embedding customer centricity into operations, leveraging innovation to tackle complex challenges, and leading change that anticipates the future.

          Audience Takeaways

          • Customer-First Framework: Apply Amazon’s customer-centric methods to elevate patient and client satisfaction in healthcare and insurance.
          • Innovative Problem Solving: Integrate cutting-edge technologies and practices to solve complex challenges within these sectors.
          • Leadership in Disruption: Utilize bold leadership principles from “Big Bet Leadership” to navigate and lead disruptive changes effectively.
          • Strategic Digital Transformation: Drive digital transformation with the ’50 1/2 ideas’ from “Think Like Amazon”, scaling solutions to meet market needs.
          • Operational Excellence: Implement Amazon’s strategies to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver superior service quality.

            “The audience LOVED your presentation and they took away many key learnings that they hope can be applied moving forward.”

            – NOVARTIS

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