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Whether you love Amazon or not, Rossman’s books are about what you can learn through the Amazon Leadership Principles and practices to drive innovation and achieve substantial business change and growth.

Whether you’re seeking insights as an Amazon keynote speaker or aiming to implement big bet leadership strategies, John Rossman’s expertise in leadership keynote speaking provides the blueprint for success.


John Rossman
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Digital transformation requires courage, accountability, and extreme ownership.

Many organizations have attempted digital transformations, but Amazon’s exemplary ascent from a humble book seller to a vast digital marketplace is unparalleled.

John Rossman, an early Amazon Executive and Best-Selling Author of The Amazon Way Book Series, played a pivotal role in launching and scaling the Amazon marketplace business. His deep understanding of Amazon leadership principles is enriched by his experiences as a senior technology leader at the Gates Foundation and senior innovation advisor at T-Mobile. Through his advisory work on numerous digital transformations, Rossman offers a profound operator’s view into strategy, change management, and culture adaptation.

The Amazon Way book series delves into how an obsessive focus on customer-centricity and problem-solving can drive success. Rather than merely recounting Amazon’s journey, the books illustrate how organizations can implement these principles to thrive in the hyper-digital era.

Looking to bring a transformative perspective to your next event? John Rossman is not only an authoritative voice on amazon leadership principles but also an engaging amazon keynote speaker who inspires leaders through actionable insights.

Big Bet Leadership
Your Transformation Playbook for Winning in the Hyper-Digital Era

Big Bet Leadership is the definitive leadership book designed for the age of artificial intelligence. It provides leaders with vital Amazon leadership principles and tactics to achieve remarkable outcomes while deftly managing the inherent risks of bold strategies. Applying this playbook will not only revolutionize your business but also bolster your career as a transformative executive.

Co-authored by John Rossman, renowned Amazon keynote speaker and author of The Amazon Way and Think Like Amazon, alongside Kevin McCaffrey, experienced leaders from Amazon, Google, and T-Mobile. This dynamic book fuses their firsthand leadership experiences with thorough research and compelling stories.

Actionable insights include:

  • Pinpointing Growth Opportunities: Identify your customer’s main frustrations and unmet needs with exceptional features, forming the foundation for sustainable growth.
  • Mastering Strategic Communication: Develop skills to ensure alignment, clarity, and essential stakeholder involvement through effective strategic communication.
  • Prioritizing through High-Impact Experimentation: Implement cost-effective, swift, impactful experimentation methods utilizing memos and debates for maximum effect.
  • Redefining Cost Models for Winning Business Strategies: Innovate cost structures while improving customer experiences for a transformative impact on your business.
  • Overcoming Inertia and Analysis Paralysis: Learn tactics to break free from conventional decision-making traps by creating focused teams and unique operational environments.
  • Maximizing Return on Effort: Develop a governance approach that provides high-quality, timely signals for your strategic efforts without the usual bureaucratic overhead.

With your purchase of Big Bet Leadership, you gain access to an extensive range of resources including practical frameworks, real-world examples, a Big Bet journal, generative AI prompts, and Big Bet GPT. These tools are designed to facilitate the active integration of Amazon leadership principles into your business. Drawing from firsthand executive experience at Amazon, Google, The Gates Foundation, and T-Mobile—and having advised hundreds of companies—John Rossman and Kevin McCaffrey present a compelling narrative that equips business leaders to become legends in big bet leadership.

The Amazon Way:
Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles

The journey to understanding the essence of successful leadership in the modern business arena is incomplete without delving into Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles. Authored by John Rossman, an acclaimed Amazon keynote speaker and former executive at Amazon, these principles are not just theoretical constructs but actionable insights drawn from real-world experiences.

These principles are encapsulated in John Rossman’s renowned works like “Think Like Amazon” and “Big Bet Leadership.” Rossman’s profound understanding of Amazon’s operating ethos and his unique ability to distill these into actionable strategies have positioned him as a thought leader in the realm of leadership keynote speaking.

Amazon’s principles, such as “Customer Obsession,” “Ownership,” and “Invent and Simplify,” have been pivotal in driving the company’s exponential growth. Understanding these principles equips leaders with tools to foster innovation, drive efficiency, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

John Rossman’s extensive experience and insider knowledge make him an indispensable resource for organizations striving to emulate Amazon’s success. His authoritative yet approachable manner transforms complex concepts into tangible outcomes, making him a sought-after figure in the sphere of leadership development.

Explore more about how adopting these principles can revolutionize your approach to leadership by diving deeper into Rossman’s vast reservoir of knowledge, available through his publications, speaking engagements, and personal consultations. For more insights on these transformative strategies, consider reaching out via his contact page.

Think Like Amazon:
50 ½ Ideas to Become a Digital Leader

The ultimate playbook on how to “think like Amazon” and excel with Amazon leadership principles in the digital age.

For the last five years, my clients and readers of my previous books have repeatedly asked, “What would Jeff do?” This question embodies various queries such as: What does being “digital” entail? How can I prevent disruption? Will Amazon penetrate this market or geography? How does Amazon achieve such unparalleled results? Is Amazon interested in partnering with us or even acquiring our company? How do I make our operations as seamless as shopping on Amazon? The essence of these questions converges on understanding and adopting Amazon leadership principles.

There exists a structured playbook detailing beliefs and approaches that drive Amazon’s success. If you’ve been observing, you, too, can discern how to think like Amazon. The wide-ranging scenarios and examples presented in Think Like Amazon may not directly resolve every query but offer a comprehensive insight into Jeff’s overarching worldview. By grasping these insights, you can apply his guiding principles to your unique circumstances effectively.

The Amazon Way on IoT

The Amazon Way on IoT guides business leaders through the complexities of creating an effective internet of things strategy. Leveraging Amazon leadership principles, John Rossman elucidates how IoT, integrated with Amazon’s ethos, can transform a business. This approach involves understanding the synergy between sensors, cloud computing, and machine learning to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and create innovative business models.

Building on his expertise as an Amazon keynote speaker, Rossman provides strategic frameworks to articulate and gain buy-in for your IoT initiatives. He offers practical tools that deliver a comprehensive consulting project through the pages of a book, making sophisticated concepts accessible and actionable.

With insights drawn from Amazon leadership principles, readers will learn the key concepts, technologies, and methodologies essential for developing a robust IoT strategy. This resource is tailored for business professionals who seek to demystify IoT and apply it effectively within their organizations.

The Amazon Way on IoT is indispensable for those who aim to harness the potential of IoT by understanding its alignment with Amazon’s leadership principles. John Rossman’s guidance ensures that you are well-equipped to implement IoT strategies that align with modern digital transformation goals.


  “The Amazon Way was an essential tool that I referenced often as I led Blue Origin. The stories and background behind each of the Amazon leadership principles provided both essential insight into Amazon and valuable context to the guidance I received from Jeff Bezos as we rapidly scaled Blue Origin in size and into new business areas. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to know how one of the largest organizations in the world remains innovative and customer-obsessed while growing through ambiguity, uncertainty, and change.

CEO of Delalune Space; Former President of Blue Origin


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