Leadership for:
– Innovation.
– Digital Transformation.
– Customer Centricity.
– Winning.

The early Amazon executive & innovation advisor who wrote THE books on Leadership for Winning in the Digital Era.

“Wow! Our team loved John’s Big Bet Leadership presentation. The message was spot on for our digital journey. We are ordering more books now.”

– Keith Nelson, Chief of Staff, ALCON

 Delivered Hundreds of Keynotes to Every Industry, with Proven Techniques to Executive Teams & Audiences

 In the Age of AI & Disruptive Technologies, Leadership & Strategy are Actually More Important.

Your Keynote Makes or Breaks Your Event

When booking a leadership keynote speaker, do you want …

An entertainer without proven business experience?

An ivory tower academic removed from practical realities?

A technologist with future predictions bordering on  fiction?


Do you want an engaging, seasoned operator, strategist and advisor?

Who provides battle-tested strategies that are immediately actionable while engaging your audience. Who launched and scaled one of the most disruptive business models ever.

John Rossman is a best-selling author of three books translating the unique Amazon leadership and tactics into actionable steps so businesses can thoughtfully accelerate their digital transformations. He is a leadership keynote speaker, strategist, operator, and expert on digital transformation, leadership, and innovation.

“The audience LOVED your leadership keynote and they took away many key learnings that they hope can be applied moving forward.”


John's insights have been featured in:

Leadership Drives Innovation:

Crafted Leadership Keynotes for Executive Teams and Your Audience

Think Like Amazon... What's the Future of Your Industry?

Leadership and Culture for Growth & Innovation- The Amazon Way

Never Waste a Good Crisis- The winning Playbook for Market Volatility

Thinking in Outcomes – Leadership for FAST Innovation, Customer Success and Getting Hard Things DONE

Reinventing Healthcare & Insurance Through Customer Centricity, Innovation & Leadership -- The Amazon Way

  “Having John advise my organization is like having Jeff Bezos advise me. This is the best strategy, leadership, and tactics keynote I have seen. John has had a profound impact on the company I founded, Modjoul. John’s a master at practical advice and approaches to deliver innovative solutions.”


CEO & Founder of Modjoul; Former EVP at AIG


Every industry, company, and leader, is adapting to “digital disruption”, technology, modern business models and heightened competition.
Your team will walk away with key concepts and battle tested techniques to put learning to work.
An operator, builder, and hands-on advisor with over 35 years of experience, it’s more than a keynote. It’s a playbook for your transformation.

Leadership + Strategy books creating lasting impact and business results


Leadership for Innovation

As a business leader and innovator, you want someone who understands where your company is now and can help inspire and provide key insights so you can reach your goals. John Rossman is a former Amazon Executive and Best-Selling Author of The Amazon Way Book Series. He was responsible for launching and scaling the Amazon marketplace business, which now accounts for over 50% of all units sold and shipped at Amazon.

He is an engineer and builder who dives into business strategy & problems. He is a successful advisor and consulting partner across industry vertices on innovation, digital strategy, and culture. Working with fortune 100 companies and others, including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, T-Mobile, Fidelity Investments, Novartis, and Chick-Fil-A, his insights have provided the foundation companies need to compete in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

As a leadership keynote speaker, each event is tailored for the audience bring thought-provoking principles and tactics leaving each participant with practical takeaways. When he is away from the stage, he leads Rossman Partners, sharing his experience as a business strategist, operator, and expert on digital transformation, leadership, and business reinvention.

Leadership Keynote Speaker - John Rossman

John Rossman
Digital and Innovation Advisor
Author | Speaker | Consultant


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