Geekwire Interview with co-Authors John Rossman & Kevin McCaffrey on Big Bet Leadership

John Rossman

How Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Amazon use big bets to build durable businesses in turbulent times

Todd Bishop, co-founder and editor at Geekwire, welcomed Kevin McCaffrey and John Rossman into the Geekwire office for discussion about Big Bet Leadership.

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At the outset of their new book, “Big Bet Leadership,” authors John Rossman and Kevin McCaffrey identify three “mega forces” that they believe could define the years ahead for businesses and the economy:

  1. Disruptive technologies such as generative AI and quantum computing
  2. The aging of America’s workforce.
  3. Increased spending on entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare, and the looming cost of serving the U.S. debt.

They write in the book, “These mega forces will feed into each other like a vortex, building an overriding theme for business and society—that of a chaotic environment of dramatic change with successful business operators realizing productivity and cost model advantages that separate them from their competition.”

Their thesis: companies that thrive in this chaos will be the ones that master the art of “big bets,” transformative moves that dramatically expand their capabilities and the potential of their businesses.

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